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Welcome to Seven Crows Press, publisher of the E.A. Gottschalk memoirs Evangeline and Seven Crows: My Life as a Serial Killer.  For publisher's updates and a chance to win a free paperpack copy of Evangeline, join the mailing list.  For permissions and other inquiries contact:  room16@sevencrowspress.com
"Scary, twisted and AWESOME!!!!!"  "I am at a loss for words... this book was fascinating." "Wow!  I could not stop reading this crazy story."  "EPIC!" "I just want to read it over and over and over and over again."  "Amazing!"  "By far the best book I have ever read." "Truly Badass!!" "Seriously sick and twisted... I couldn't put it down!" "Out there." "A disturbing and memorable encounter." "Holy cow!"  "Emotional." "Sick, and not in a good way."   "This book is sick, and I mean in a good way." "Fantastic!" "Brilliant edge of the seat can't put it down reading 'til the words blur." "WOW!" "This book is just messed up."  "Delicious lunacy."    "Love it, love it, love it, LOVE IT!"
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